Health Careers and Training Programs

Studying in the field of health and social services

This can be done… in French!

  • The Consortium national de formation en santé (CNFS) is the umbrella for colleges and universities across Canada (except Quebec), offering post-secondary training and programs in the field of health and social services, either in French or bilingual. The CNFS also developed training and a Professional Excellence Program for health care professionals who want to improve their practices;
  • Quebec colleges and universities;
  • And now, distance education is also available! Refer to our list of distance training and development in Health Care services. This list contains the training options and programs that are available in French or bilingual. For individual courses that are not linked to a program, please refer to the CNFS or Quebec post-secondary program guides that are of interest to you.

In the Yukon, the Service d’orientation et de formation des adultes (SOFA), a member of CNFS, provides the following services to Francophones who want to study in health or social services:

  • Provides guides detailing the programs offered by the CNFS member organizations and various programs offered in Cegeps and Quebec universitites;
  • Provides a list of resources for continuing education and professional development in healthcare available online (SOFA-PCS);
  • Provides professional development workshops in healthcare and social services (SOFA-PCS);
  • Promotes careers in healthcare (SOFA-PCS) among young people and the public at large;
  • Helps identify places to do a supervised practicum, either in French or bilingual, in the field of health or social services in the Yukon (SOFA-PCS);
  • Provides personalized counseling services, on appointment basis;

Information: Centre de la francophonie, 302 Strickland Street, Tel: (867) 668-2663 ext. 213

Healthcare Scholarships

A number of scholarships are available to Yukoners who want to pursue studies in health or social services.

Suggested links:

Health Profession Education Bursary - Government of Yukon (in English only)

Medical Education Bursary - Government of Yukon (in Enlgish only)

Yukon Registered Nurse Education Bursary - Government of Yukon (in English only)

Canadian website on Student scholarship and financial assistance programs. Enables the creation of educational profiles. You may then receive scholarships offers through a search engine, based on the developed profile. You have the option to limit the search to health and social services field.

The Yukon College presents all scholarships available to Yukoners in all areas of studies.

Working in the field of health and social services in the Yukon

Top 10 reasons to work in Healthcare in the Yukon

  1. Exceptional quality of life
  2. Flexible hours of work
  3. Multicultural work and life environment
  4. Positive impact on the community
  5. Great communication between therapists
  6. Personal and professional development offered in French
  7. Distance and on the spot training
  8. Scholarships and bursaries available for healthcare professionals
  9. A vibrant French-speaking community
  10. A haven for sports, outdoor and arts enthusiasts

And besides, we need you!

Quick look at Yukon healthcare infrastructures and programs

The Yukon includes 2 hospitals serving the whole territory.

  • Whitehorse 49 beds
  • Watson Lake 10 beds

Services provided: Emergencies, short and long term care for a limited number of patients, involving chronic care assistance and extended care. A part-time translation and support service in French is available (Whitehorse General Hospital only)

The other healthcare structures include:

Healthcare stations. These stations are based on community health and treatment programs, as well as short term care given to hospitalized patients.

There are two categories of Healthcare centers: Treatment centers and public health centers.

Staff includes mainly nurses, with sometimes support employees. Services provided in treatment centers are: Pregnant women’s health, preschoolers’ health, students’ health, adults’ health, chronically ill patients care, disabled persons care, gerontology, nutrition, mental health care, communicable diseases care, health education and community development. Emergency care is also provided by nursing staff.

Medical stations serving as clinics of community health nurses and courtesy medical staff. Community health and treatment services are available on a pre-established basis.

Other health care providers:

  • Dentistry clinics, service in French.
  • Pharmacies able to provide prescriptions in French (3).
  • Telemedicine services
  • Telehealth-type hotline– expected in March 2008
  • Addiction prevention services and drug treatment center.
  • Shelters for women and children victims of violence
  • Public and community Family services
  • Medevac service to Alberta and British Columbia
  • Aurora clinic for women’s health (Whitehorse General Hospital)
  • Holistic Health Network
  • Several practitioners in complementary medicine
  • Midwife

Services offered to Francophones

  • Network for French language health services, Partenariat communauté en santé (PCS)
  • Canada Prenatal Nutrition Program (CPNP); Mamans, papas et bébés en santé
  • Francophone seniors project; Vieillir en santé
  • Health Resource Centre (PCS)
  • Health Care and Wellness Centre project (Phase I currently in development stage)
  • Service d’orientation et de formation des adultes (SOFA)
  • Family Literacy Program (SOFA)
  • Continuing education and professional development for health care practitioners (SOFA/PCS)

Health needs for French-speaking Yukoners

As bilingual health care professionals, you will be asked to meet the needs of French-speaking Yukoners.

Who are they?

Over 4% of Yukoners are Francophone and come from different backgrounds; they are mostly from Europe and Canada.

They form a dynamic community, and you will be surprised to regularly hear people speak French around you.

A number of services are available through Francophone organizations, mostly in Education. Our partners include École Émilie Tremblay, the French First Language school, and Whitehorse Elementary, the French immersion school, as well as a number of other schools offering French immersion programs, the Garderie du petit cheval blanc Daycare and the Yukon French school board.

Each province and territory, except Quebec, has a network for health care services in French, which brings the key health and social services partners together in order to develop a common vision about the provision of health services in French in the territory. The network is part of a national initiative, the Société santé en français, which is based on an institutional model developed by the World Health Organization (WHO). Every two months, the network publishes an E-newsletter on health issues. To sign up for the mailing list, please indicate your interest to the PCS office.

Promote yourself!

A bilingual health and social services professional’s directory is updated every year to help bring together the Francophone community and bilingual professionals. It is important to identify yourself as a bilingual caregiver when you arrive in the Yukon. To do that, please contact the “Partenariat communauté en santé” network as soon as you arrive. You will receive a welcome kit when you sign up.

Settling in the Yukon

Below is a list of a organizations that can assist you in French:

Yukon Tourism
General information about the Yukon

Association franco-yukonnaise (AFY)
General information about Francophonie and French services

Service d’orientation et de formation des adultes (SOFA)

Job search, career development, Professional development, distance post-secondary education

Place aux Jeunes Program (RDÉE/AFY)
To learn more about opportunities for interns and young graduates

Yukon French School Board
Joint portal for École Émilie Tremblay (elementary), Académie Parhélie (secondary) and Garderie du petit cheval blanc

Les EssentiElles
To learn about activities offered to women and girls

Being a health professional in the Yukon

There are established standards of practice for certain health and social services occupations. You should contact the professional associations or the territorial health authorities to learn about the legislative framework to practice in those professions.

Please check out the following list by clicking on the link related to your field of activity.

Certaines activités du réseau Partenariat communauté en santé sont rendues possibles grâce à une contribution financière de Santé Canada.