Health Determinants

Determinants of Health and their interaction

Reference: Graph taken from “La santé des francophones” presentation: un regard sur ce qui détermine la santé des individus et des - S.Nicolas, 2005 for PCS). Consulter La presentation "déterminants de la santé" de Suzanne Nicolas.

Health Determinants

A population health approach recognizes that any analysis on the condition of a population should not be limited to an evaluation of the traditional health indicators, such as morbidity rates, diseases and physical disabilities. Other indicators should also be considered. They pertain to mental and social wellness, quality of life, life satisfaction with respect to income, employment and working conditions, education and other factors which have been known to impact health.

  1. Income and Social Status;
  2. Social support networks;
  3. Education and Literacy;
  4. Employment / Working Conditions;
  5. Social Environments;
  6. Physical Environments;
  7. Personal Health Practices and Coping Skills;
  8. Healthy Child Development
  9. Biology and Genetic Endowment;
  10. Health Services;
  11. Gender;
  12. Culture.

Source: Public Health Agency of Canada

Importance of delivery of health and social services in French for Francophones in minority communities

A number of international surveys show that language is the essence of quality health care services. According to the surveys, the language barrier contributes to:

  • Reducing the use of health services for prevention
  • Increasing consultation time and the number of diagnostic tests
  • Increasing the risk of error when diagnosing and treating patients
  • Reducing the effectiveness of services requiring clear communication, such as mental health or physiotherapy services
  • Reducing patients’ motivation to take their treatment properly
  • Reducing patients’ satisfaction in regards to health care provided

Therefore, it is important to work in partnership on integrated strategies toward an active offer of health and social services in French, with a view to promote health and prevention. These are key aspects that make a difference in the health of people living in Francophone minorities in Canada.

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