Who are we?

About the Partenariat communauté en santé (PCS)/ Francophone Health Network


Following recommendations developed by the Advisory Committee on Health for Francophones in Canada—a national organization committed to networking—the Société santé en français (SSF) was created. In 2002, the SSF accordingly undertook initiatives to foster the creation of local networks for health care services in French, moving forward health care in French for Francophone minorities in Canada.

Today, the SSF National Network is made up of over 16 local networks working to improve health care services in French throughout the country. In the Yukon, the Francophone women’s group Les EssentiElles became the fiduciary organization for the “Partenariat communauté en santé” at first then l'Association franco-yukonnaise (AFY), in April 2013. This year 2013, PCS will celebrate its 10th anniversary!


Our vision

We are working with our partners to make a difference in the overall health and well-being among the Yukon Francophone community through community’s involvement and people’s participation in health management.

Our mandate

The Francophone Health Network (PCS) supports the provision of health services in French by hearing from the community and engaging in planning, implementing and evaluating services through innovative strategies to expand access to quality health care services in French for the Yukon Territory.

Our structure

Following recommendations developed by the World Health Organization (WHO) that are articulated in a working paper called “Towards Unity For Health”, the SSF and its member networks chose a business model that includes five key areas in the health care field. This structure provides networking among the partners and helps coordinate activities for French language health services.

The five key sectors of the pentagram are:


Our services

  • Participate in the planning of health care services in French in the Yukon;
  • Promote health care services in French;
  • Participate in career development in the health care field and in recruitment of bilingual health professionals;
  • Manage the Health Resource Centre on health and social services in French.
  • Loan documents and audiovisual equipment to the public;
  • Loan educational health material to bilingual health and social services professionals;
  • Maintain an online portal through the PCS website, which offers a wide range of local and virtual resources on health and social services;
  • Identify bilingual health professionals and update the "Health" section of the Yukon French Services Directory (AFY/RDÉE Yukon) and of the national registry of health care providers who offer health and social services in French (CIPA);
  • Publish the PCS network electronic health newsletter and/or health monthly pages in the newspaper L’Aurore boréale. These tools outline the various training sessions, conferences and new resources, and also include a complete calendar of events. The electronic newsletters are available on our website under the "Publications” tab;
  • Organize training and professional development programs in French for bilingual health and social services professionals;
  • Organize workshops and conferences on health related issues;
  • Send and refer people to health care and social services in French in the Yukon or elsewhere;
  • Create and deliver tools and/or health promotion and disease prevention material in French;
  • Host the “Santé en français” forum and trade show on health care resources and services in French;
  • Represent the Yukon Francophones during local and national working committees on health issues.

Our development themes

  1. Ensure that the network creates involvement and awareness in the community
  2. Develop access to health care services in French
  3. Promote wellness among our community
  4. Speak out in favour of training programs and research on health care in French

Members of the Steering Committee

representing the key sectors of the pentagram


Régis St-Pierre, President of PCS 

Training Institution

Isabelle Salesse, Director of the Training sector at l'Association franco-yukonnaise (AFY)


Violet van Hees, Senior Policy Advisor with the Department of Health and Social Services (Yukon)- ex officio Officer

Patrice Tremblay, Director of French Language Services Directorate (Yukon) - Observer

Health Care Professionals

Dr. Brendan Hanley, Yukon Chief medical Officier of Health

Health Care Facilities Managers

 Jason Durand, Whitehorse General Hospital

PCS Staff

Sandra St-Laurent, Director of the Yukon Francophone Health Network / Partenariat communauté en santé
Emaill : pcsyukon@francosante.org
Phone: (867) 668-2663, ext. 800

Kelly Tabuteau, Assistant director  
Email : pcsressources@francosante.org
Phone: (867) 668-2663, ext.216

Alizée Salesse , Health Resource Center coordinator
Leslie Larbalestrier, Website Updates

Patricia Brennan, Project officer "Santé des ainés.es francophones" 

Josée Jacques, Project officer "École en santé"

Emilie Dory, Graphic designer


Did you know…?

The origin of the PCS logo: the image of the apple imposed itself in the health field with the old saying: "An apple a day keeps the doctor away." The circular shape of the apple represents the solidarity between the networks. Green is the colour of health and the blue stylized fleur-de-lis represents the Francophonie for whom the network defends the interests in health. A healthy logo because we believe that cooperation bears fruits!



L’initiative suivante a été financé par Santé Canada par l’intermédiaire de la Feuille de route pour les langues officielles du Canada 2013-2018 : éducation, immigration, communautés. 

Certaines activités du réseau Partenariat communauté en santé sont rendues possibles grâce à une contribution financière de Santé Canada.